Getting noticed can be difficult. In today’s global economy, competition is stiff and making your company standout is key to earning new business. However, you can’t afford to ignore your current customers or clients. Becoming a social business can be instrumental in staying in front of the right people. When crafting social media plans, many B2B’s ignore Facebook. But why? Here are just a few reasons you should reconsider Facebook:

  1. The demographics are shifting- in the not too distant past Facebook was dominated by teenagers complaining about classes. However, teenagers (like raccoons) are attracted to shiny things and Facebook is no longer the “hot, new thing” (it’s nearly 10 years old). Today, Facebook has over 1 BILLION users and 46% are 45 or older. If you’re trying to reach business owners, decision makers and purchasers that’s a pretty favorable demographic.
  2. Drive website traffic- if you interact on Facebook by sharing links to your website or blog; you drive traffic to where you want it. There’s no need to create special content for Facebook, just use what you already have.
  3. Informal social media- this doesn’t mean you should share inflammatory, proprietary or controversial information. Unlike LinkedIn (which if you’re a B2B company, you should unquestionably be using), Facebook is a place to develop your relaxed company personality. Facebook enables your business to connect with your customers/clients using engaging and lighthearted content. This gives them an opportunity to connect with your company on a different level and become better customers.
  4. Share your news- no social media platform should be used solely for self-promotion but sharing company news is a great way to engage audiences. A couple times a month you can share client testimonials, volunteer activities, success stories, employee news and achievements. This gives others the chance to see what your company is doing.
  5. Promote your customers- everyone likes seeing their numbers rise. If your customers/clients or prospects are on Facebook you can share, like or comment on their content. Even if they’re not Facebook users you can still use your Facebook page to promote the blogs, websites and achievements of others. Give your customers another reason to appreciate your business and help keep them loyal.

Facebook is becoming a much different animal. Don’t let outdated conceptions prevent your business from taking facebooklogoadvantage of the benefits of Facebook.

Do you have questions about how B2B’s can use social media, how to craft a social media plan or getting your business started on social media? Contact our social media guru Elaine Lytle-Case or 502-429-6902.

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