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I’m a child of the 70’s and 80’s.  Seatbelts were optional, businesses had to post signs requiring shirts and shoes, and environmental awareness was simply about not littering.  My how things have changed!  As our society has become expert on “disposable” products – containers, paper products, cleaning products, diapers, and even clothing and electronics – we have also become aware of its impact on the earth.  Thankfully, our children are now being taught “Green” principles at an early age: “recycle, reduce, reuse.”  But how do you teach this “old dog” new tricks?  I turn to a very informative blog, to help me become more green aware.

On, you can find lots of useful information, no matter what level of green-ness you are.  They understand that having a green lifestyle is all a matter of taking steps in the right direction to reduce environmental effects.  Their postings go beyond recycling newspapers, cans and plastic bottles. promotes sustainability throughout all aspects of life.   There’s a ton of information about food (including recipes and vegan information), and health topics.   They also post on topics of science, technology, fashion and travel.

I’m not a natural “Tree-hugger”, but I am becoming more aware and concerned with green living.  The best part of the blog is that it helps me feel like even the small steps I’m making to be more environmentally aware are important.  I can choose one area for improvement and start there.  Or I can simply become more educated in the choices of products I purchase.  Every step in the right direction is an improvement in the environment and in my health, and thus is a reason to celebrate.

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