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Like many, since the recession began in 2008, my household was recently touched by the unexpected loss of a salary for a brief period of time.  As the “queen” of my household, I had to quickly make many belt-tightening adjustments in our eating and spending habits.  Sure, I had ideas on how to do that, but, honestly, I was never forced to make those decisions before losing a household income.  I needed the example, outside-the-box ideas, and sources of information from someone who has walked-the-walk and knew the ins and outs of running a household on a budget much tighter than what I was used to.  Enter  The mission of Money Saving Mom is to help you live on less so you can save more and give more.  She offers ways to leverage current manufacturer coupons with retailer sales to maximize savings, advertises chain give aways and freebies, posts menu planning ideas, recipes and how-tos for freezer cooking, ways to earn and manage money, and other ideas for living simply.  Even though my household is now back to being a 2-income household, is still a resource I trust and use regularly.