Easy. Powerful. Fast. Three things I learned at the 2017 Adaptive Partner Summit

 Just got back from San Jose where Adaptive Insights hosted their Worldwide Partner Summit. For those of you unfamiliar with Adaptive, Adaptive Insights is the leading cloud based business analytics solution that empowers finance and management teams to automate their planning, reporting, consolidation and data discovery. It’s the only pure-play cloud Corporate Performance Management solution in the market today and has been a very successful tool for our customers.

Adaptive World Partner Summit 2017

Showing off my packed backpacks at the partner meeting. This year, we worked through stations to fill backpacks with school supplies for children in need.


The theme of the Adaptive Partner Summit this year was: Easy. Fast. Powerful.

Although it wasn't easy or fast for yours truly to get to San Jose (Let's leave that for another day and another blog that Southwest hopes Google will forget) it was a powerful conference full of exciting news for Partners, like Oasis, and our customers and prospects.

So what are three things that you should look forward to from Adaptive and Oasis in 2017?

1. Easy.
Pricing is going to be easier for our clients to understand. Adaptive rolled out new pricing that not only simplifies the way our clients will purchase tools offered in the robust Adaptive product suite but has actually added a lower level investment for companies with 250-500 employees and companies under 250 employees, which makes up a good portion of our clientele. What does this mean? Oasis can easily service our SMB and mid-market customers with the best solution on the market today at an affordable price.

2. Fast.

Oasis can help our clients move from a static (slow, cumbersome, hard) planning nightmare to an active (collaborative, comprehensive, continuous) planning dream come true. Most of our clients that don't use Adaptive still depend on Excel for the bulk of their planning and forecasting. This process is typically controlled by one or very few finance folks because it's either too difficult or takes too long, or there's too much room for error to allow more stakeholders into the process. Using a static planning process in today's rapidly evolving marketplace results in plans that are based solely on historical data that is stale the moment it is pulled from one database and exported into Excel. Thus forcing finance to plan on data that's old and lacks input from operational stakeholders. The process can be as painful as a root canal and as slow as a cruise ship doing donuts. Our customers who embrace Adaptive are often building a business case around speed. They're looking for a faster, comprehensive and collaborative process to actively plan their business based on data that is always real-time and up to date.

3. Powerful.

Adaptive continues to heavily invest in R&D to make their product more powerful in a variety of ways. I was provided a glimpse into the 2017.1 release of the software and the new functionality is very exciting. A particularly intriguing new feature is the ability to plan at a more micro level. Customers have been eagerly awaiting the ability to plan at the weekly or even daily level and that has been a challenge for the Adaptive Solution in the past. The demonstration of this capability at the Summit was met with oohs and aahs from the crowd. The functionality looked effortless, and from my experience in software, that usually means it was really, really, really hard to achieve. Micro level planning was just one of the new features and functions in the 2017.1 release. To find out about the others and why this is potentially the most feature-rich release yet, contact me and we can schedule a demonstration: Schedule A Demo

Our clients are achieving their goals with our help. Using Adaptive to reduce their planning cycles from three months to three weeks. The solution allows connectivity into multiple data sources and is easy enough for non-finance team members to understand, use and gain immediate value out of the information they're being asked to contribute. So leadership is informed with data that allows them to make powerful, profitable decisions about the course of the business much faster than every before.

We are very excited to show off and help our clients take advantage of the new product enhancements. The beauty of the subscription Software as a Service model is that it allows Oasis to offer a continuously mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and our clients continue to get the latest and greatest software on the market. Since Adaptive is a true cloud product, all of our customers will benefit immediately from the new release functionality without the burden of managing complex and lengthy (hard, slow, cumbersome) upgrade processes when (if) IT can get around to it.

We are very excited to speak to our customers and new prospects who have not yet invested in Adaptive about how Oasis can help them leverage the power of the Adaptive platform so they can move from static to active planning. And easily create that powerful forecast by product, by customer, by quarter (with three different variances) that their CEO has been asking for since 2015.

Let me know how our team at Oasis can help you and your team grow your bottom line with Adaptive Insights in 2017: Let's Talk

Adaptive is the only pure-play cloud Corporate Performance Management solution in the market today. Racking up awards from Deloitte's 2016 Technology Fast 500 to Leader, The Forrester Wave Enterprise Performance Management Q42016 to CEO Robert S.Hull being named a finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year, they are a leader in the industry.