Is There A Franken-system Lurking At Your Office?

What is a Franken-system? 
It is a disconnected and dysfunctional monster system of your own creation. Created with the best of intentions, the Franken-system is comprised of fragments of programs and spreadsheets used within your organization to meet a certain need.


It happens so quickly, innocently enough, with just a few spreadsheets outside the system and suddenly you have a nightmare!


Does this sound familiar to you? Is there a Franken-system lurking within your office? Let Oasis help you dissect your current system and discover the (potential) monster in hiding. Download our eBook: Identify & Fix Your Software Franken-system.


Download Identify & Fix Your Software Franken-Systems eBook


This eBook will help companies learn how to turn their Franken-monster of a system into a strategic asset to help grow their business and not work against them. With a Franken-system there are lots of ugly things that can happen over time.


Franken-systems aren’t born they grow and evolve. These systems get ugly, fragile, hard to understand and expensive to maintain over time. If you are using spreadsheets to connect multiple systems together and to transport data from one place to another, you have a Franken-system!


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The business world is changing faster than ever and if you’re running a system like this, it’s hard to keep up. Let Oasis guide you in ways to change your Franken-system and improve your business. Let us help.

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