Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90): What is an Inventory Alias Item & Why Use It?

Our Sage 100 ERP (F/K/A MAS 90) Software has an “Inventory Alias Item”. What is this and how do we use it?

The best way to answer your question is to use an example. Let’s pretend you are a Coffee Mug Distributor. Your company has an item number that is based on the UPC number. This number is used when a coffee mug is sold. However, PO’s are written to various manufactures and each use their own item numbers to order. You want their item numbers to show up on the Purchase Order.

Step 1: Set up the Alias Vendor Number. Go to Modules> Inventory Management> Mail> Item Maintenance. Select the item you want to use.

On the far right “More” Button select Alias.

Step 2: On the Alias screen type in the Alias item, select Vendor number and accept



Step 3: Selecting Alias Item on Purchase Order

Go to Modules> Purchase Order> Main> Purchase Order Entry

Enter a new PO number, select the Vendor Number that has the Alias, go to lines and type in the Alias Item. You will notice that the Item Code Coffee Mug will appear and the Alias is 12345.

The Purchases Order Form can be modified with Crystal Reports to print the Alias Items which will be sent to the vendor.



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This question was submitted to Mike Renner, Partner WAC Consulting, Owner at Computer Accounting Services and appears on Oasis Solutions Group Partner ERP VAR’s blog.