“Who changed that Customer’s Address?

Have you ever noticed a change to a customer address or vendor record and wondered who made the change and when?  Have you often wished there was a way to get a report of various happenings in Sage 100?  Here are some special tips just for you.  Please note that this does not go back and “recalc” changes already made, but starts tracking from the time you modify the setup in each module.

The first report that we will look at is the Activity Log.  This report can be found under Library Master, Reports, Activity Log.  Unlike other reports you will see, there is no option to track this information it happens automatically.  It records information such as when modules are activated, data converted, period end process, system utilities, and system errors encountered.  One word of caution, it also tracks all Visual Integrator information so if you perform “lots” of imports, this report could be extremely large and take a lengthy amount of time to run.

In a number of individual modules you can find out what changes were made to a master file and who made them.  First you need to make sure that you select the option to track changes.  For example in GL, General Ledger, Setup, General Ledger Options;

Then go to GL, Reports, Account Audit Report, make your selection criteria and print or preview.  Always say NO to the question related to purging!


For Accounts Receivable Customer files

Go to Accounts Receivable, Setup, AR Options, History Tab

Then in Accounts Receivable, Reports, Customer Audit Report, make your criteria selection

For Accounts Payable changes to Vendor files, go to Accounts Payable, Setup, AP Options, History Tab

Then you can run the Vendor Audit report from the AP, Reports menu

Similar functionality exists in Payroll and Inventory Management.