Sage 100 Tips & Tricks - Prevent “User Limit Exceeded”...

efficiencyHow to: Prevent “User Limit Exceeded” in Sage 100 Advanced when running as an Application.

  1. Have all users exit.
  2. Login as Administrator and set all User Preferences to "Spawn from Application Server”.
  3. Stop the Application server.

Open Task Manager on the server.

  1. Show all users.
  2. Remove all pvxwin32.exe from Task Manager on the server.

In Application Server Configuration:

  1. On the Server tab deselect the “Keep Alive” check box.
  2. On the clients tab change the ‘Reconnect’ drop down box to “None”.

In the folder ..\mas90\MAS_System, Rename the following files:


In the folder..\mas90\Home\Lib\_appserv, Rename the following files:


Restart the Application and have users login. The Renamed files will be recreated and data corruption removed. Further corruption should be prevented by performing the above setting changes in Application Server Configuration.


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