W-2 Filing Checklist (Part 1)

Year-end and tax filing deadlines can make the beginning of the New Year very stressful. We've complied 4 tips to help take some of the stress out of W-2 filing. Check back for Part 2 and even more tips!

Tip 1: General Items

  • Completing forms by typing answers will eliminate whiteouts, strike-overs and erasures and the problems they can bring
  • Answers/Values should not cross the lines separating boxes
  • It is not necessary (or recommended) to use dollar signs or commas
  • Use decimals and cents for all amounts
  • Typed in order alphabetically by last name or numerically by SSN
  • All 6 copies of the forms must be legible
  • Remember W-2 forms should not be stapled together or the W-3 forms

Tip 2: Employee Identifying Data

  • The employee name on the W-2 should be the same shown on a social security car (first, middle initial, last).
  • Unless listed on a SSN card, suffixes should be omitted from names
  • Employee names do not include titles such as Dr or Ph.D.
  • The correct format for SSN is xxx-xx-xxxx
  • An employee without a SSN should have filed a Form SS-5
  • If the employee without a SSN has filed the SS-5 Form but not received a SSN yet, "applied for" should be entered into box "a" of the W-2
  • If the employee filed a SS-5 form and has received a SSN, they should submit a copy of the SS card and receive a W-2
  • If the employee received the SSN after the W-2 is filed, the employer needs to obtain a copy of the SS card and submit a W-2c
  • If an employee's name has changed, employers must use the original name until the employer verifies the corrected SS card

Tip 3: Forms Distribution

  • W-2's should be received by employees by 1/31/2013
  • W-2 copies must be distributed as follows: Copy A to the SSA, Copy 1 to the state, city or other local tax department, Copies B, C and 2 to the employee, Copy D to employer's payroll files
  • If a W-2 is reissued, the form should have "Reissued Statement" printed on it
  • Any undeliverable W-2's should be retained for 4 years
  • If filed electronically, no paper forms should be sent to the SSA. If 250 or more W-2's will be filed, they should be done electronically meeting SSA specifications.

Tip 4: Voids

  • If there are W-2 forms with errors, mark them "VOID"
  • The amounts on the voided forms should not be included on the totals reported on the W-3.

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