Why QuickBooks is Failing Your Business

QuickBooks is great for many companies in the beginning stages but often as a business grows it also outgrows QuickBooks' capabilities. Here are four reasons why many companies are feeling the QuickBooks pain:

Why QuickBooks is failing your business
  1. With QuickBooks, you always have to worry about IT issues and costs. On-premise software like QuickBooks and the applications it includes needs monitoring and troubleshooting by an IT team. This means your business will either need to hire additional personnel or outsource your IT needs. Both options increase your business expenses.
  2. QuickBooks restricts your visibility into business performance. QuickBooks provides siloed applications and data making any real-time analysis and accurate business decisions difficult.
  3. QuickBooks is a general ledger solution. A growing business needs software that creates efficiency and reduces headaches across functions. Software that supports your entire business instead of just accounting and finance enables your organization to operate more effectively.
  4. QuickBooks' limited functionality won't scale with your business. Because QuickBooks was built to support a narrow scope of processes and business offerings, it severely limits companies from expanding their offerings or offering new methods of service and payment.

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