What Is A Sage VAR Or Sage Partner?

If you are embarking on a Sage ERP implementation or require support for your current Sage software, you’re working with a Sage Partner. Hopefully, you haven't underestimated the importance of working with the right Sage Partner. Working with the right Sage Partner can make or break the implementation of your Sage software, with the right partner advising you on how to customize and enhance your software to suit your future business needs.


A Sage Partner, also known as a Sage VAR (value-added reseller) does so much more than provide your Sage software: think of a Sage Partner as a one-stop shop for all your business management software needs. Your Sage software, along with all its functionality and features, is only one part of the equation when it comes to implementing, enhancing, customizing, or upgrading. The other piece of the puzzle is a trusted advisor: the right Sage Partner to guide you through these processes.


While a company’s first interaction with a Sage Partner typically happens during the pre-sales process, a great Sage partner is much more than a salesperson that completes a transaction. They will provide:

Consulting & Advising Services - Guiding your company as they navigate business management solutions, determining which features, functions and benefits are right for them and helping you budget for your business.


Implementation - Ensuring your initial implementation, installation and integration is a success - and that the right training has occurred to continue that success. 


Software Configuration – Adjusting your Sage software configurations, settings and options to ensure your workflows are optimized and efficient.


Customizations - Supplying your company with software customizations that go beyond the built-in options and configurations that meet your company’s unique software requirement needs.


Ongoing Service & Support - Ongoing phone, onsite or remote desk support helping you no matter what obstacle you may face.


Upgrades - Keeping you up to date with all your ERP, HRMS, and CRM solution needs, ensuring you have access to all the latest features and updated technology.


Training & Assistance -  Continuously offering training opportunities to help you and your staff maximize your Sage software investment and use it to its full capabilities.


New Features & Function Education  – Helping you stay updated and aware of new offerings and add-ons that can optimize your Sage software, so that your processes and organization run more efficiently.


Are You Working with a Sage VAR or Sage Partner?

If you’re currently using Sage software such as Sage 100, Sage 100cloud, Sage CRM or Sage HRMS, it’s likely that a Sage VAR or Sage Partner guided you through the implementation process. Hopefully your implementation was a smooth and seamless process and the relationship with your Sage Partner has continued with maximum value for you and your business. It’s important to partner with experts that have your best interests in mind, have the Sage software expertise you need in implementing and managing software, and will guide your business.


Oasis Solutions is the right Sage Partner for you. Whether you are implementing Sage software or are looking for a Sage Partner that’s the right fit for your specific business and needs, we are here for you and to get you the most out of your software investment. We’ve been implementing and supporting ERP for over 30 years and we will guide you to using your Sage software to its full capability. Partner With Us


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