Why Buy from A Local NetSuite Partner

NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP, is one unified business management suite that encompasses ERP/Financials, CRM and eCommerce for more than 19,000 organizations. The platform offers cost-effective, efficient business processes in real-time to access crucial information anytime, anywhere. The question isn’t whether or not to buy NetSuite - it’s why buy from a local NetSuite partner rather than buying directly from NetSuite.


Unfortunately, with the NetSuite direct team, you are one of many customers. Once the sale is final, the NetSuite direct team will move on to assist the next customer in the queue. Your company is just one of many sales a NetSuite direct salesperson needs to close quickly to ensure they are making their quota.


The process of purchasing and implementing NetSuite software may seem seamless - purchase your new software and it’s time to go-live - but anyone who has experienced an implementation first-hand knows the complexities and nuances of every business are unique. It’s never that simple. You will have questions, concerns, learning curves, and road bumps through implementation. It takes time, effort, and often software customizations to make your new NetSuite software work exactly how you need it to work to improve your business and processes. 


That is where your local NetSuite partner is crucial: they can provide you with the in-person support and resources you need to ensure your implementation is a success. Having a local NetSuite partner you know and trust can make or break your implementation. A local NetSuite partner will be there with you to establish a vision for your NetSuite implementation - not just sell you the software and run - and address any change management issues that arise to create the most manageable environment for all involved, as well as execute your individual project plan.


Still not convinced of the advantages to buying from your local NetSuite partner vs. NetSuite direct?


Top 4 Reasons to Purchase NetSuite from a Local NetSuite Partner
  1. Your local partner will make sure that your NetSuite implementation reflects your company’s core business processes.
  2. Your partner is just that, YOUR partner. Your local partner will make an effort to meet face-to-face to provide the most effective service to your offices and clients.
  3. Your partners wants and needs are to adhere to and understand YOUR unique business requirements. 
  4. Your partner will provide LOCAL ongoing support, customizations, and training.

Working with an experienced local NetSuite partner will shape the outcome of your implementation and create a solution that sets your business up successfully long-term. 


With more than 350 years of combined industry experience, Oasis Solutions is your local NetSuite partner that offers expertise in accounting, human resource management, and custom software development. We have your long-term plan and business strategy in mind from the get-go.


We don’t just sell software. We are passionate about understanding your company’s processes and committed to your success and reputation long after the go-live date. Providing you with skilled NetSuite consultants and developers for NetSuite support, the ability to ask for help, discuss best practices, buying options, pricing, products, and more. 


As a NetSuite industry expert, we possess a profound understanding of the software and the knowledge and skills to best tailor your NetSuite implementation to your individual business needs.


Oasis Solutions has offices in Louisville and Lexington, KY, TN, and NC. Let us help you get the most ROI out of your software investment and be your local NetSuite partner. Let’s Talk


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