Is Your Legacy ERP Giving You Nightmares?

Is Your Legacy ERP Giving You Nightmares
Is your legacy ERP a Franken-system? Identify your monster ERP and break free the nightmare.

Is your legacy ERP a Franken-system? The phrase Franken-system typically refers to the disconnected and dysfunctional fragments of spreadsheets and programs used within an organization because the system either lacks the capability to handle a particular need(s), or because “it’s always been done that way.” It is brought to life by a general lack of overall efficiency and a commitment to simply maintain the status quo.


How does your organization operate? If you constantly find yourself asking “Why are we doing business this way? There has to be a better way” – chances are you are working with a Franken-system.


Fortunately, it is always a good time to tackle a Franken-system before it becomes a nightmare - or a monster ERP for your entire operation. There are some common challenges organizations experience when using these disjointed systems. Luckily, the Oasis team has some suggestions on how to alleviate such frustrations.


Letting go of your Franken-System

1. Fear of the Unknown
Multiple data sources, insufficient systems and unclear outcomes often times force companies to simply “maintain” their current systems versus developing plans to implement a more stable and efficient solution. This is due to the fear of the unknown. Not only is this a risky move, but a time-consuming one.

For example, a recent client was using Excel to quote customers, Outlook as their CRM platform, and Quickbooks to manage financials. With $20 million in revenue per year, the executive team realized their systems were too basic and their data sources were scattered. To help streamline the business, they chose to implement a CRM system (complete with application integration) to help them store and organize client
information, as well as automate data entry – saving time, money, and reducing data errors with regard to manual entry.


2. Fear of Change
Change can be difficult to embrace – even if it creates efficiencies and boosts productivity. However, choosing the right solution for your business and providing employees with the proper training and tools can increase user adoption and overall productivity across your organization.


A large organization was running their business using QuickBooks – a solution that lacked the functionality necessary to meet their business needs. Instead of investing in a more robust solution, the company chose to enhance their QuickBooks system with add-ons – a high cost, temporary fix that did not eliminate the need for Excel sheets and unfortunately provided very little added efficiency.


3. Fraud Issues
It is not uncommon for companies to experience issues with fraud due to a lack of control over the financial processes within its accounting department. Implementing an ERP or CRM system provides a more secure system and reporting capabilities to help monitor customer and invoice information that may help alleviate fraud issues.


4. Paper Lovers
There are those reluctant to change and who prefer to work with paper versus new technology. However, one of the biggest challenges of paper-driven systems and processes is the lack of visibility into your data. This information is typically entered manually into a system or tool – allowing it to be viewed and/or used by the business. The entire process is not only time-consuming, but may lead to errors in information along the way.


For example, a customer calls in with questions regarding a recent service order. Because orders are not stored within a digital system, you scramble to find the hard copy of the order to reference. Your customer has now been on hold for an extended period of time and is frustrated with your lack of organization. Not only do you have now have to assist with the initial purpose of the call, but address your poor
customer service and perform damage control. Understanding how your business works, however, will allow you to implement the best solution to streamline your processes and workflows. A system that provides easy access to important information will not only keep your business running smoothly, but will allow employees to service customers more effectively.


5. Wasted Time
We all need the occasional spreadsheet, but managing a business of any size using spreadsheets is never efficient. Not only are they time-consuming to maintain, but usually contain errors due to the manual
entry of information. A recent manufacturing client was using expensive, industry-specific software that was difficult to maintain and provided little flexibility. Lacking automation and proper functionality, team members spent numerous hours per week manually re-keying 200+ orders from Excel into this software. Customer satisfaction ratings began to decline due to order issues and delays, leading to a decrease in overall revenue.


By taking the time to research and invest in a mid-market ERP solution, the company quickly learned the
benefits of a having streamlined, automated processes in place. Data was now imported via spreadsheets (and not manually entered) and orders were processed and shipped within a reasonable timeframe – leading to happier employees and customers and an increase in cash flow.


Building Your Franken-System Into A Monster ERP

The examples above are only a few of the common scenarios clients face working with Franken-systems, before leaving behind their legacy ERP for a more streamlined solution. With inefficiency comes an increase in the cost of doing business. Your business may increase its overhead, but a Franken-system is sure to negatively impact your customer at some point.

The common theme here is simple – while a Franken-system may hurt your business, taking a step back and evaluating your situation in an effort to create ONE integrated solution will allow your business to scale. A solution that is fit for purpose will not only create efficiency, but will also boost employee morale, increase customer service ratings, and potentially deflect fraud. The journey may prove challenging at times, but the end result will be worth it all.

Are you ready to leave your legacy ERP nightmares behind? The Oasis team isn't afraid of monsters! Let us set you up for success with a software solution that will best fit your unique needs. Let's talk.


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