Work Anytime, Anywhere with NetSuite

User name, password, operate your business. Working from home should be that easy. And it can be that easy to work anytime, anywhere with NetSuite.


This is certainly a different type of March Madness than I expected!


And if you’re like Oasis and the hundreds of clients that we work with and the millions of Americans working from home today and for the foreseeable future, now more than ever, the ability to operate your business from home is an imperative, non-starter. 


Many companies simply aren’t equipped with the modern technology required to keep their business running and allow their employees to be productive from the safety and comfort of their homes.


It can be extremely difficult for organizations to pivot and shift their entire workforce to a remote environment. However, our clients who have invested in NetSuite for their business management software have always had the same experience at home as they had in their offices. So interruptions have been minimal.

Work anytime, anywhere with NetSuite

Anytime, anywhere functionality is a major differentiator and inherent benefit of NetSuite, the #1 true cloud Enterprise Planning (ERP) product.


Legacy on-premise or even “fake” cloud hosted solutions have tried to figure out ways to allow access outside the office to employees but unlike these applications, with NetSuite, there’s no clunky VPN, there’s no modified experience or desktop icon to download and update.


There’s no over-burdened IT administrator trying to help you clear a cache over a scratchy conference line. Customers even have native mobile applications to access NetSuite on their iPhones and Android devices.


The rapid changes that we’re experiencing have made every day feel like a week.


As our leadership team looks to our data to make swift changes and pull the levers we need to pull, there’s no time to waste. Having real-time business intelligence in the cloud allows us to visualize in real-time what is going on in every aspect of our business regardless of where our leadership team is conducting business. Our customers’ customizable analytics dashboard shows what they need to know to make better decisions, faster. 

Customizable Analytics Dashboard


NetSuite offers a single, integrated platform for CRM, ERP, eCommerce, HR, and Payroll. Encompassing all the key operations your business needs in a singular database so our customers can automate key business functions across all departments, including sales, marketing, service, finance, inventory, order fulfillment, purchasing, and employee management.

Eliminating the errors and cumbersome processes have to re-enter data in different systems, rectify inconsistent or inaccurate data, or wait for batch updates. Instead, all your employees view and share accurate data in real time, leading to greater collaboration among departments and increased productivity across your business.

Customize to Support Your Specific Business and Industry Model

Lastly, a lot of companies out there are concerned about the security and reliability of their applications in a work from home reality. NetSuite is the world’s most reliable & secure cloud based ERP.

Security was, and is, of the utmost concern to Oasis and our customers which was a critical factor in our decision to become NetSuite partners. 


Customers’ data is secured in North American Oracle data warehouses. To ensure security, no one has direct access to your data. Oracle’s data warehouses are secured just as you would expect your banking data to be secured. Data warehouses are secured by armed guards, have climate control, fire suppression controls, etc. There are redundancy warehouses in place in the event of natural disasters and backup snapshots of customer’s data happening in real time. 


NetSuite’s security extends to your team when accessing your instance of NetSuite as well,  and can be controlled down to the IP device. If you are logging in from home for the first time, you will encounter additional security controls to ensure your user/password is tied to your permissions. Two factor authentication and controls like additional security questions work to ensure that the users entering into your NetSuite instance are verified.


Once in the application, the ability to read or write every data element is controlled at the user level based on their configured role. Lastly, a complete audit trail of every transaction is logged in the notes section of the application. Who changed what to when and where are all tagged and a complete audit trail is available in real-time.


NetSuite also offers the ability to take credit card transactions and encrypts that data, offering a PCI compliant application to take payments from your customers remotely.


Partnering with Oasis to successfully help your company leverage NetSuite provides your team with peace of mind that they can work from home or anywhere on any device, so even during this pandemic, sales calls & meetings can be made and logged within the system, quotes can be configured, sales orders can be completed, shipments can be made, credit cards can be processed, purchase orders can fulfilled, ACHs can be processed and wires can be received. Whether you want to work from home or have to, your business doesn’t have to stop running just because you’re not at the office.


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